Lonsdale House

What we delivered
The development of 80 residential apartments in Birmingham that allowed the private investment developer to differentiate the offering by instigating a sense of community between residents, as well as maximise the investment value of the project.

What was the initial brief?
To develop a PRS (Private Rented Sector) building for singles and sharers, close to the lifestyle of Birmingham’s Mailbox and focused on a community and rooted in social responsibility.

How we did it?
Working with the client, we took time to understand the design efficiencies they were hoping to achieve in order to define the development appraisal and maximise the investment value of this project.

This allowed us to think about the balance and mix of unit types and tenure mix to instigate a sense of community and personal ownership.

Communal and congregational areas that bridge public and private spaces were critical, while creating attractive and inviting entrances akin to successful hotels and members club formed the commercial strategy to both attract and retain tenants.

The spaces were design for tenants to develop social bonds with their neighbours, as well as creating a space where they can invite guests.

Tenants would become ambassadors for the building, and help turn friends and family into prospective future tenants.

The development was designed to the Lifetime Homes Standard and the Code for Sustainable Homes, which meant that the building has longevity within this key location in the city.

What the client thought
A strong addition to its portfolio, which allows the client to differentiates itself from the competition.

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