Canteen Restaurants

Canteen Restaurant approached us to design a new chair to be used in the opening of the company’s new London Spitalfields Restaurant.

Inspired by the enlightened optimism established in the 1950s during the Festival of Britain, we worked closely to interpret a school canteen stool from that period and turn it into a modern day classic.

We designed, prototyped and built a new stool to be used for the opening of their award winning restaurants at Royal Festival Hall and Spitalfields.

The precision bent tubular steel frame is a continuous piece and is free from unsightly welds. The frame combines with a 12mm thick laminated and streamed plywood seat that is visually light, yet robust with design.

The project shows off the best of British design innovation and manufacturing.

The stool were so successful they were also used in Canteen’s second restaurant at the Royal Festival Hall.

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