Whats in a name ? – Our brand refresh

We went on a journey to capture our practice’s spirit in a new brand that best conveys our friendly personality.

We wanted a brand that matched our ambition and could take Holloway Foo to the next level.


Why update our brand ?

It’s been 13 years since Holloway Foo Architects was created and in that time, the company has evolved significantly and we have collected a wealth of experience over these years.

As the practice has grown over the years it has been important to us to stay true to our beginnings. To support our clients stand head and shoulders above their competition in an ever increasingly competitive commercial environment.

We have always focused on adding measurable value for our clients. We do this by creating well-planned highly marketable architectural projects with character, personality and distinct identity.

Does it capture what we stand for ?

In collaboration designer Stuart Chaffe we looked closely at ourselves. We understood that the way we deliver projects is by working in close collaboration with our clients, by getting to know them, their mission and their vision for their project.

After lots of fun, some coffee, lots of biscuits and a few glasses of wine, we were able to create a brand that defined the Holloway Foo character.


If you have worked with us you will know we have some of the best people working here. We wanted to capture our non-corporate character within a clearly defined brand that is just like our name and our people has a friendly, individual personality.

We are all about people, whether its our client’s, employees or people who use the places we design. We believe this new brand captures these values .

We love being able to connect people and believe this new approachable brand embodies our friendly practice values for considered solutions delivered in a personable manner.

It’s a new generation we’re excited about and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Let us know your views,
We trust you enjoy!

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