Realising the value of ideas

We hope you like our new website?

We have been working with designer Stuart Chaffe to develop our new brand image and website.

Like us, Stuart understands that sketching is a necessary stage of the design process. Where ideas are valuable and free enough to truly explore, by figuring out the articulated challenge and by thinking creatively about the solution is really a vital step in the design process.

The beauty of sketching is the freedom to make mistakes, the ease to throw away and start again. Sketching can be done at speed to explore lots of ideas quickly and that’s why sketching has proved to be super valuable.

Stuart refers to this as ideation.
It’s not illustration, it’s not art, it’s just getting what is in everyones head, out, so that it’s easier to communicate those ideas to people.

Stuart leads sketching workshops and is the author of his own blog ( entitled “Pencils before pixels“.

I hope you like our new style and will watch with interest as our website grows with us.

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