Carl joins the expert panel

Carl is a member of the MADE design review panel. Helping developers, architects and local authorities create high quality places.

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Design Review provides independent, objective, expert feedback on the design of proposed developments.

The panel meets regularly to consider schemes that will have a significant impact on their area.

They visit the site, study the designs, listen to a presentation from the developers and their architects, discuss the proposals and give feedback. This is followed by a report which summarises the panel’s views.

Who are MADE ?

MADE is an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of our towns, cities and villages. We believe that a high quality built environment is essential for economic prosperity and wellbeing.

Well-designed places function better, use fewer resources, encourage investment and enterprise, engender social interaction and a sense of community and make people happy, healthy and proud. A high quality built environment is essential to the prosperity of all our cities, towns and villages.

” Our vision for the West Midlands is that our leaders, public sector officers, professionals, developers and residents understand the importance of place and work together to ensure that every change in the built environment contributes positively to creating better places.

We want to preserve the best and transform the worst.

We want everyone to feel proud of the places where they live, work and play. “


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